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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Musings on Original Characters

I used to have a lot of them, back when I wrote in X-Files and The Sentinel. In one story, Stolen Moments, I had an entire *town* of original characters,and in Sweetcheeks, I invented both a streetful of people in Cascade and the residents of a suburban cul-de-sac.

I hope that in all those cases, the original characters flowed out of the stories I was writing. I rarely planned those characters, unless the plot would revolve around them, and even when I did, they'd often surprise me. One case in point is my first long Sweetcheeks story, Cherub, where I'd planned for a character to be a "typical" homophobic blue collar guy. And he told me he wasn't. He was uneducated, but he was intelligent and thoughtful and had an eye for art - had he been born to a different family, he'd have been an artist or an engineer or an architect. He doesn't understand his son, who is destined to be a mainstay of SF cons, but that's okay.

I don't write so many OCs anymore. Part of it is that I don't write long stories, but another part is that, for some reason, I haven't felt the need even for my long HP stories. Or, rather, I can borrow Rowlings' - I can make Zacharias Smith a major character and not have to come up with anyone new. I didn't come up with many for Voyager either, and I think it's for a similar reason. They both have large enough casts, with secondary and tertiary members, but they're also in bottles. Most HP stories take place at Hogwarts. New characters are hard to fit in - this is why Rowling has the revolving DADA teacher, after all.

I think if I ever wrote long DS stories (not likely at this point), I'd probably have original characters there, too, just because the plots would probably call for it.

I'm not going to worry about Mary Sues for any of them.


Having loved your Sweetcheeks series, your X-Files stuff, and even some of your ST stuff, I note that your original charachters did flow out of the story they were in, and did not reek of Mary Sueness in any way, shape, or form.

Mary Sues

I learned about Mary Sues in Jane Austen fanfic, only there, they call them Lizzy Sues. Here's the litmus test to know if you've created a Lizzy Sue:


Read it; it's funny.

And here's the original test it's based on: http://missy.reimer.com/library/marysue.html

Re: Mary Sues

You know. I'd love to read a story where Elizabeth Bennett piloted a starship.


Re: Mary Sues

Write one! The folks at austen.com (a/k/a The Derbyshire Writers' Guild) would love it!

Re: Mary Sues

Holy cow. I really, really want to know if anyone writes that.

Re: Mary Sues

I'll ask at austen.com. If such a story exists, I'd imagine some of you SF fen would enjoy reading it.


People really do write fanfic combining Star Trek and Jane Austen. See my post to Debbie. I have the links to prove it.

story links

Found a few stories that come close to your request:

Deep Mansfield Nine - by Adam Cuerden. Fanny Price of Austen's Mansfield Park is the long-suffering medical officer, until a battle gives her a taste for command.

Sense and Startrekery - by Adam Cuerden. Captain Wentworth commands a crew of Austen characters on their way to save President Anne Eliot's planet.

I heard there's one at Hyacinth Gardens, a site I've never visited until now, in which Darcy is the captain of a starship. It's called "Trust and Betrayal" and the author's name is Aunrea.


And, um.

I'm writing my own Captain Elizabeth Bennett story.

Captain Elizabeth Bennet

The folks at DWG (austen.com) will love it!

Once I get a moment to write, because once the kashering is done, the cooking begins. Two seders. Five guests plus us one night, six plus us the second, and we just informed the hospitality chairperson that we have room for one more the first night.

Fortuanately, I *like* the cooking.

I'm not writing till after Pesach myself.

Five and six guests! That's impressive! We haven't managed to get any this year. : (