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I'm a Dumbledore fan. This shouldn't be a shock - I figure if the author wants us to like someone, there should be a reason. (I do sort of understand the opposite position - people don't always like being manipulated.) He's not *perfect*. Rowling has done something very out of the ordinary - normally, the good guys are one dimensional "hero" types (think poor Cedric) and the bad guys get all the layers. In this universe, while the "bad guys" are uniformly black or very dark gray, the "good guys" are all shades of gray.

Harry's angry and suspicious of authority. He shouts and scares his friends. Ron is awkward and jealous and bothered by his family, and doesn't perform up to potential. Hermione is bossy, convinced she's right, and very, very ruthless. (Which I love about her, actually.) The twins are brilliant but don't study and do things that are, franky, dangerous to themselves and others. I maintain they're doing weapons research for the Order, though.

As for the adults - Snape is so complex that I can't even tackle him, Sirius was mad and Lupin, for all I love him, did omit telling about a mass murderer, as he thought, being able to turn into a dog. McGonagall is willing to compromise her own fairness to obtain a Seeker for her House Quidditch team (I don't think it was Harry's Harryness that got him the privilege. It was his Seekerness. If any of the others had showed the same skill and he had not, he'd be watching from the sidelines, and, say, Lavender would have gotten the Nimbus 2000.) Dung's a thief, and Moody's insanely paranoid, which didn't stop him being locked in a trunk for a year, and the Weasleys - well, I like them but Molly is annoying and Arthur does feel patronizing.

And then there's Dumbledore. We don't know what's going on behind that twinkle. We do know he's manipulative. We do know he keeps secrets, and takes chances with the lives of children. We also know he commands loyalty and deep respect from people as diverse as Snape and Mundungus Fletcher. He's also the most powerful wizard of his generation, and maybe the most powerful in Britain, if not the world. He's been offered political power and turned it down to be Headmaster (Headmaster of the only wizarding school in Britain, so he has *more* influence.) However, in the first couple of books, he was constantly called upon to advise Fudge. He's fought in two major wizarding wars already - Grindelwald and Voldemort I.

He's been called a terrorist, but I don't see it. Where is he creating terror? Where are he or his followers destroying property and/or lives? Where are there people cowering in fear at the thought of the Order? I'm not even sure anyone outside the membership even knows it still exists. He's been called an insurgent, too - but he doesn't seem to be looking to overthrow the Ministry. He has infiltrated the Ministry, yes, but the Ministry infiltrated his school and eventually had him removed from his position. If anyone can be called an insurgent, it's Hermione, and she's doing it all on her own.

We think.

Fear Hermione. :)

Fudge does need to leave office, but it'll be Hermione's doing, not Dumbledore's. Someone better might not let him have Kingsley run a false investigation. Not that that matters since Sirius is dead.

It's also been said he should be minding the school, not running the Order.

I disagree about that.

Something bad is about to engulf his nation again, and he's the only one who can stop it, or at least control it until the prophecy comes in. Everyone in that nation under the age of 70 is a former student of his, either as a teacher or a Headmaster, including Voldemort and his followers, and maybe I'm projecting, but I see Dumbledore as always thinking "once a student, always a student."

I don't think he sleeps at night. I do think he holds himself as partially responsible for the way Tom Riddle turned out, even though he was just the boy's Transfiguration teacher, and not even his Head of House.

I think.

She never says what Dumbledore's House was, not definitively. People in the books assume it was Gryffindor, but it's never actually *said*. It probably was, but we don't *know*.

Anyway, how can he sit back and allow it to happen? If he does, his students will die. Their parents will die. If he does act, the same will happen, but hopefully in smaller numbers. He has no choice. And he can't even take a leave from Hogwarts because it would be suspicious - he probably used his exiles in books 2 and 5 well, but he also fought to return. No one would believe him leaving voluntarily. And, again, the Order is a secret.

As for his behavior towards Harry in OotP - it was meant to bother us. It damaged his relationship with Harry. But when their eyes did meet, Harry could feel Voldemort, so Dumbledore was right. And as for telling the prophecy...

This is chilling.

Harry is still a rotten Occlumens. He now knows the entire Prophecy.

How long until Voldie finds out?

Dumbledore has to know that, so why did he tell it to Harry?
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