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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Dear the lovely Landlord who called earlier:

I was all set to relax in my last hour here this week. How could you call with several listings, and therefore, horrors, make me work at work?

The receptionist

Also, to SGA fans:

1. Is it fanon or canon that John Shepherd is a math whiz? I know about the Mensa thing.

2. Tell me about the gene therapy: is it reliable? Is is permanent? How does it work? Or is it just handwaving?


1. It's almost both. There are bits of canon here and there, moments where he does math in his head, (as if you want some specific moments) and not just the straight stuff, but the tricky kind, i.e. like the stuff on a MENSA test. It's alos on the official bio to a degree, I can't remember the exact wording atm though.

2. The gene therapy only works something like 60 - 80 percent of the time, but so far there's been no indication that once it takes, it can 'untake'

Today was my half day off since I work Saturday. Note the word "was". Barely got in the door after lunch and a short shopping trip two hours after I left when the phone rang. They needed me back. One of the women's sons got injured at school. Set the new speed record for me getting in to work.