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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just did research to find out if a minor bit of dialogue was realistic or not. Turns out it is.

Badgers can and *do* kill snakes. (And, unlike the other symbols, badgers are also nocturnal.)

And looking up badgers and snakes via google has been made unnecessarily difficult by a certain website.

Badger badger badger badger badger


Yup! They sure do.

Hufflepuffs are dangerous. (I like Hufflepuff, in case you haven't noticed from reading my house essays.)

Hufflepuffs are dangerous.

All the more so for being underestimated. I'll bet they're vicious fighters when cornered or when someone or something they love needs defending.


Betcha Alice Longbottom was a Hufflepuff. And betcha all those gum wrappers and things she's been giving to Neville have secret messages on them. Perhaps she and her husband have been laying low in that hospital for years, secretly fighting against Voldemort.

Alice as Hufflepuff - entirely possible. Or Frank, for that matter. (I need to check, but I think Neville was under the Hat for a long time, and it may well have been the Hat arguing him into Gryffindor when he came in with no House in mind (except not Slytherin) and feeling that he'd belong to no House at all, and the Hat had to convince him he was, indeed, a Gryffindor, which he is. Bravest of them all, I think.

However, I wish it were true that Alice and Frank were only fooling. I'd think Mrs. Longbottom would have figured that out, though. She's a canny old witch.

They could both be crazy and doing something important that nobody knows about. Being insane, even so insane that you need to be locked up, doesn't necessarily prevent you from making things happen, especially on an occult/spiritual level. For all we know they are engaged in great battles in the astral plane/sphere of Yesod. And if Mrs Longbottom knew she wouldn't necessarily tell anyone who didn't need to know.

I doubt that this is where Jo is going (I hate having to make that caveat, but if I see another post about how Slytherin fans are clearly incapable of discerning authorial intention I'll shriek), but it would make a neat fic.


Arrgh! It's a Snake! It's a snake!

Have you seen the Harry Potter knockoff of the animation?

Oh, yes. Snape in the dress!

Drat! You got there first! Have you seen the football version (with the soccer balls bouncing off the badgers' heads)?

Not to mention the infamous Magical Trevor.

Everyone loves Magical Trevor.



magical tevor is great! how do they come up with that stuff!?

What website?

(Agree with you about the Hufflepuffs - massively underestimated.)


Though that mushroom is a toadstool. IMO.

And now that song will never leave you.


It doesn't surprise me that badgers kill snakes -- they're capable of killing just about anything that would likely attack them, aren't they? I mean, they're not hunting down deer for food or anything, but they will defend themselves to the death. They have jaws like a pit bull and the personality of a wolverine. I must admit that somehow I never even thought about the Hufflepuff emblem being a badger.

I really, really like badgers. :-)

My husband received a plushy badger as a gift, and I have to say I've snuggled it far more than he has. :-)