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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Humor: gacked from cellio

Unitarian Jihad


That's extremely cool. I like it very much.

What's the old joke... if you mess with Unitarians, they come and burn a question mark on you lawn...


What do you get when you cross a Mormon with a Unitarian?

Someone who knocks on your door and asks you about your religion. (Or, "Someone who knocks on your door for no apparent reason.")

I loved it. Printed it out for further use.

Sister Spikey Mace of Loving Kindness

Icon love!

OMG Lickitung icon. Darn I wish Jessie still had that Lickitung...

absolutely bloody accurate, says this UU. heh.

Thank you! I loved this so much I actually emailed Mr. Carroll.


Thank you, this was wonderful (speaking as someone who attended a Unitarian church as a child).