Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

On the Seventh Day, She Rested

There's a long and hallowed tradition called the Shabbos Shluff - the nap between the cholent and mincha (afternoon services.) It's a lovely thing.

This wasn't that. It was going to sleep when the lights went out, around midnight, and waking up at 5:30 with an unhappy tummy. And then reading (I printed out furiousity's finished work. I like having a long story to read on Shabbos.) and so on until 7AM when I tried to go to sleep, only I was cold, so I pulled on my green velour robe/dress and then I was warm. I woke up at about 11AM to an empty house. I put the food on the blech to warm and read until my husband came home, around 12:30. Then I took another nap for an hour. We figured I'd slept about 10.5 hours, all told. And we had lunch at 3PM, and then I got dressed and went to the ladies' group.

At about the time we had lunch, though, was my mom's boyfriend's 75th birthday party. Of course, we couldn't be invited, but I do wish we'd found out directly, not through my brother calling to ask me if we were attending Lenny's party, which we'd hadn't even heard about. We didn't have to be asked, but given that we are apparently (and happily) chipping in for the present - a cruise for the two of them - it would have been *nice* to know it was happening.

I'd love it if he were really my stepfather, because he's a wonderful man and he makes my mother happy. And I think they'd love to get married, too. They *can't*. If they do, they lose my mom's social security and they can't afford that. I've suggested they just have a Jewish ceremony - only the ketubbah, not a civil license - but my brother is right. That sets up a lot of moral, ethical and legal problems - they would have to lie on government forms, for example, since in their heads, they would be married. It would make us happier, but it's not the right course of action.

So, after Pesach, we'll meet his kids. It's about time, but the whole thing is a logistical mess, and I need my Sundays right now.
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