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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This morning, I trained at home for thirty minutes - something to make up for the classes I'm missing. Ten or so minutes running/walking in place, plus crunches and push-ups (girl push-ups, of course.) Then I did the 24 movements, and the kicks (and that was fun - my living room is an obstacle course. When I did the back kicks, I hit the couch unless I aimed higher.) Then I did some shadow boxing with my husband's music stand, the punches, the blocks, some tai-chi moves and finished with the shadow movements,which are a form of tai-chi themselves.

I have to say, the shower right after was heavenly. I don't often get a chance to shower right afterwards, since the schools don't have working showers. By the time I get home, assuming I'm not running errands, it's just a shower. But a shower right after getting all sweaty just feels so good.

zsero came back from Israel today, and he stopped by the office to drop off something he got for my husband - a set of Italian Machzorim (High Holy Days prayerbooks). I showed them to one of my bosses, who is of Italian Jewish descent. She was fascinated.

I canceled the order for the messenger bag - I need to look more. Who'd have thought it would take so long to find the right bag?


Err...what are girl pushups?

From the knee, instead of the foot.

My goal/hope is to one day be able to do push-ups. I barely squeak by on girly pushups. It's just one of those things that I feel I should be able to accomplish before I die.

Out of curiosity, why did you decide to cancel the bag?

Several things - primarily, buyer's regret. I saw any number of bags I liked better on people on the way home. Also, an agent had a similar looking bag, and the strap was too short for me. Apparently, it's supposed to be worn with the bag across the back, and I won't do that. I was using a backpack style purse for a while, and I had my wallet stolen.

My husband wasn't happy with the price (neither was I), but it looked like a good bag and if I'd wanted it, that would have been fine.

I need to go someplace and actually try the bags. I used to have a place near where I worked, but now it's a cellphone store.