Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

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My landlady seems to believe that she can toss us out because I keep a messy apartment.

She thinks I should even hire a cleaning lady. Well, so do I, but if *she* insists, then shouldn't *she* pay for it?

She came into my apartment today because her bathroom ceiling was leaking. As our sink and toilet have been having problems, I do concur that it's probably the pipes, and we'll call a roto-rooter analog for an appointment.

But she was appalled.

I pay my rent on time. I'm quiet. I just don't handle cleaning.

And I want to *scream* at her. She just harangued me for a half an hour, and she wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't gotten almost *rude*.

She's not my mother.

The house will be done for Pesach because it is *always* done for Pesach.
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