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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Okay. My kitchen is a tad cleaner now. My bathroom is very much cleaner because the roter rooter guy is coming by noon, and, well. It's amazing what a few shots of Fantastik can do, you know?

And, of course, I'm now, you know. Dressed to hat. Not to shoes, but to hat. Because it's not important that the plumber see my bare feet. :)

Okay. Plumber was here. All my cash is completely gone (And, seriously, $86.60 is perfectly reasonable, so I'm not complaining), but he was charming and competent. My toilet has been snaked and tested; my bathroom sink now *drains* - hallelujah. And he thinks it's the shower assembly behind the wall.

Which is therefore Not Our Fault.


Which is therefore Not Our Fault.

Ha-ha on your landlady!

As for the apartment, I agree with those who said that it's not her business unless it's a case for the health department or the fire department. But don't clean for the landlady, clean for yourself!

I'm cleaning for Pesach.


Only for G-d would I clean. Ugh! *thinks about Sunday and tries not to weep*