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Mama Deb
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12:54 pm :: mctabby's Drabblethon is being posted now.

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Mama Deb [userpic]
mctabby's Drabblethon is being posted now.

You can find the whole thing here, and my drabble here. It's a Snape/Harry.

Go. Read. Comment. It's a lot of fun.


I don't know what a Drabblethon is, but that kiss - ICK! But definitely a surprise.

I read a shtickel Torah this Shabbos which required me to make a correction on something I'd written to you. It's in my journal.

A "drabble" is a 100 word story, although people can stretch points here and there. A drabblethon is something McTabby invented in honor of her cats' birthdays.

I do write slash stories, but I will always cut-tag or link to them instead of posting plain, and I will always say what the pairing is, so if you see two male names separated by a "/", it's probably not something you'd care to read. I have others on my friendslist who would agree with you. :)

I also write other sorts of stories.

*waves* Thank you for playing! I'm glad you're having fun. And your drabble certainly added to the sum total of feline happiness. :D

Drabbles: more fun than cleaning!

"I have to do Harry/Snape more often."

Interesting way to put it :)

Just nice getting comments is all.

I don't tend to get many for anything but essays (which is fun, too.)

It was a lovely piece. Thank you for sharing it.