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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Current progress:

Kitchen? Gorgeous. Oven is clean, stove top is clean. Need to finish cleaning out the cabinets and the fridge and kasher the oven and sink.

Living room? Needs vacuuming.

Dining room? Vacuuming.

Office? Jonathan worked all day. Dusting and vacuuming.

Bedroom? Ack.

Okay, I cleaned out the geologic layers of papers, books, comic books and other detritus around my side of the room and bed, and the top of my dresser.

I filled three large trashbags, and there are random piles of clothes and books on my bed. I have a lot of manga...

When he finishes his side, we will change the sheets because, as I said. Stuff piled on the bed. I'm not sleeping on those sheets. :)


It sounds like you had a productive day. I'm impressed.
My to do list - nothing accomplished on it. While the house doesn't have to be Pesachdik because we're going away, it needs to be cleaned at least. And the cars need to be scoured. It's amazing how much crumbs one child can create :)
At least this year we can all nap before the first Seder instead of going into it straight from the prep.

Did my kitchen today, too, but there's much more to do.

Congrats! Today was my out & about fun day, tomorrow is my roll up my sleeves and get serious about cleaning day. I'm hoping to have the whole place Pesachdich (not covered up mind, just ready to be) by Wednesday noon when I leave for conversion class, so that Thursday I can cover surfaces, get out the Pesach dishes, and start cooking.

There is nothing like the feeling of having done a serious cleaning...well, maybe chocolate is a close second. ;) I'm still working on letting go of more things and decluttering my home. Now, if only I could find someone who wants a treadmill.

Although I'm not Jewish, you've inspired me to clean my kitchen (it's not too bad at first sight, until you look at the MONTHS of grime) as if I am preparing for Pesach. I will think of you when it's clean(er).

If you've been checking out Flylady, send an email about what you've done, the encouragement you get back couldn't hurt, and maybe they'll post it--it'd be nice to read something other than what I think of as Midwestern Christian on there!

Flylady fills the filter I set up for it, but I don't read it anymore.

And, you know. I don't think they want anyone from a different worldview. The last Jewish thing I saw was someone talking about Chanukah in the same way as Christmas.

Anyway, I get encouragement. My husband's eyes go wide and he hugs me. :)

It does make a difference, doesn't it?

I've also decided that I'm not going to let my ability to cut through months of grime quickly discourage me. I'm going to contact a cleaning lady agency during Passover week, to start a week or so after.

How the heck does one kasher the oven? Self clean mode and then the mother of all scrubbings?

What about toasters?

Toasters? What are you planning to toast on Pesach?

I'm not Jewish.

I just thought that anything that might contain bread crumbs has to be out of your kitchen & house during passover.

Bit more than that. Nothing made of wheat, oats, barley, spelt or rye can be used on Passover unless it was first cooked (made into matzah - and that flour had better not see water from the time it's picked, either), and nothing that came into contact with these grains can be used, either. Plus, as I'm Ashkenazi, I also have to get rid of rice and legumes. Yeah, we eat a lot of potatoes.

But that means nothing that's actually toastable. There are other uses for a toaster oven, of course, but the primary one doesn't happen.

If you have a self-clean mode on your oven, then yes, that's the answer for kashering the oven.

If you don't have a self-clean cycle, it's a pain in the tuchis.

can't kasher a toaster, though I'm not sure why you'd need a toaster for Pesach. But if you did need one, you'd have to have a special pesach toaster.

I wish I had a self-cleaning oven.

You clean the oven thoroughly, you put it on high for at two hours and then you cover any surface that goes near food.

Toaster ovens are unkasherable, so those who want to use one for, oh, baking potatoes or making matzah pizza (piece of matzah covered with tomato sauce and cheese) have to have one for Passover. And it's gonna be dairy, too.

ah, there is nothing like cleaning for the holidays! And what a nice feeling it is, too, to start a festival ready to go!