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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yep, Bored

I'm alone at the office. No bosses, no agents. The phone is, at the moment, silent. I have no pending work - in fact, before one boss left, I asked him if he needed me to do something because I had no work, and he said, "Tomorrow."

Which means I have nothing to do.

Entertain me.


Or I'll be forced to do something drastic. Like troll through ff.net.


Knock knock.


who's there?

*Even more scared*

Lemmy who?

Lemmy in! Don't you hear me knocking?

*sorry, best I could come up with on short notice*

Welcome to my world

I'm almost always alone at the office. I used to spend half the day at the austen.com chatroom (There's a great quote from Emma there: "She found it easier to chat than to study,") but then I discovered lj. And now, my boss is onto me, so he's keeping me pretty busy all day. Gam zu l'tova. I was feeling pretty guilty about wasting his time. But I don't feel guilty about this post. I hope it was entertaining enough.

Re: Welcome to my world

I honestly would rather have work to do. Or at least pending.

But, well. :)

I used to spend the entire day in chat, too. I'm now not permitted to do that.

LJ keeps me sane.

Maybe I'll write something.

Let's see. Who's owed a story?

Re: Welcome to my world

[bats eyelashes]

(i don't actually know if you owe me a story. but feel free to write me one if you like. [g])

Two things. One, I've written and am reviewing e-mails. (Yay, consciousness!)

Two, turn on your radio. There's a new Pope. Really.

Three, http://cowswithguns.com/cowmovie.html (flash movie, fun)

Who is it?

I don't have a radio and it's not on yahoo news yet.

Re: Who is it?

Not yet announced. We should know shortly. All we know is bells and white smoke so far. Watch the news sites; it will be their top story

Re: Who is it?

It's Ratzinger.

Not who I was expecting, but I'm bad at handicapping these things.

Benedict XVI. I wonder if it means something - and it's going to be odd getting used to a different name.

Good. You got the one I forwarded from Harold?

Yep. I actually got it twice; thanks for the forward, though.

Currently swearing nasty vehement language while praying for this papal reign to be identical to that of Pope John Paul I (or shorter). NOT able to concentrate.

Damn. Just when you think the world can't get scarier, it does.

I'm talking to one of the agents, who is Catholic. She's politically conservative - voted for Bush and so on.

She's NOT happy. She wanted someone younger and non-European, and she doesn't think a conservative pope will have the answers she wants.

Benedict XV tried to create peace during WWI and was known for humanitarian efforts - and for being on the progressive side. So he chose an interesting name.