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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I have completed changeover.

All I need to do now is some minor putting away, sweep and wash the floor and kasher the sink.

I will then have a fully functional Pesach kitchen. I'm going out for lunch and the shopping for perishables.



(Also, ummm, I can't find that e-mail address from ConneXions ... could you send it to me at taffyprime @ yahoo.com? Sorry!)

Congrats! I'm nowhere near there yet, but I'm hoping I will be by dinner time.

you will be. It always works that way.


We'll be done tonight, hopefully not too late.

I have to do some straightening and vacuuming and I keep finding things. But we will be done.

Hateful landlady wants to "inspect" tomorrow.

You know. I have Shabbat and two s'dorim to prepare for. I don't have time for that. How does she?

Are you going to do anything to Mark Changeover?