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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I'm one step from tears

The house is basically done.

I need to do some more vacuuming and straightening up, and to toss a popcorn bag or two, but it's done. Kitchen is absolutely done, except we need to get our folding table from outside.

My groceries will be delivered eventually ($200+, and that's mostly for Shabbat and the two s'dorim.) I also got pretty paper plates, hot cups and napkins for the s'dorim.

I have both afikomin presents - Yu-Gi-Oh Structure pack for the 8 year old; Cordelia's Honor for my brother-in-law, who is a 36 year old college professor. But he will be the youngest, unless the Judge is.

So, why am I near tears?

Because when I came home from shopping, my husband was upset. Seems Landlady had met him on his way back from taking the bedding to the laundromat and getting his pre-Passover haircut and beard trim. (That last looks very nice. I've been trying to get him to have it professionally trimmed for years and it does make a difference.) He then vacuumed the stairs (not chometz, just dirt) and more around the house and she's going to come over tomorrow.

I'm not going to wait on her, you know. I still have some more shopping to do and I have all that cooking. So should she be cooking.

I don't cook clean. The kitchen will look like I'm cooking. She'll have to deal.

Anyway, it's all covered in foil. :)


someone at your workplace, i bet, could tell you whether your landlady's behavior counts as HARRASSMENT, and if so, what kind of stern talking-to she might be setting herself up for.

[grumbles on your behalf]

ugh. why is this any of her buisness???

She's afraid of bugs.

She's seen two in the last year.

We've not seen *any*.

ugh. renting sucks sometimes...

have a good passover in spite of her :)

(also reply to my email about vor_game?) :)


Grr. Sounds like the landlady has way too much time on her hands, if she can be busy bothering you guys this close to Pesach about something that cannot possibly affect her. Sheesh.

Any reason not to suggest she visit a rather well-known valley just south of Jerusalem's Old City?

She can, of course. I pay my rent in full and on time.

But she lives downstairs.

It's time, and *past* that we bought.

Even if you buy, you'll still have people living under you, or on top of you, or on your sides. If you're going to get that upset over what the neighbours think, let alone if you're going to let them schedule white-glove inspections, buying won't solve the problem.

I suppose she is entitled to enter your premises by appointment to have a look at it, and she's also entitled to make whatever comments she feels like, about your housekeeping or any other subject that strikes her fancy, but I see no reason why you should take any notice.

See this icon?


Now get in touch with your inner Slytherin.

What you need to do is get your ass down to a nice shiksa grocery and buy a can of bread crumbs, or perhaps a nice crumbly loaf of day old french bread and find a place to stash it outside. (I'd go with the breadcrumbs -- hermetically sealed and all.) Oh, and while you're at the grocers, buy some of those disposable one use vinal gloves.

Then, in the middle of the night, sneak down stairs and toilet paper bread crumb her doorstep.


When she comes up stairs to visit, kill her with kindness. Really, have some nice little nibby foods out for her. If your budget can stand it, I suggest bite sized bits of butter drenched lobster wrapped in bacon, if not, make some little toothpick spears of ham and cheese.

Really, she'll shit twice and die, and when the paramedics come ... your landlady was coming up for a visit and you had some finger foods out for her and -- oy vey izh mir! -- she she was so meshuginah, she just plotz'd.

Problem solved.

I'm not allowed to derive any benefit from chometz during Pesach. Otherwise...:)

Ah, darn it.

I have no inner Slytherin. I'm a Ravenpuff.

I'm not allowed to derive any benefit from chometz during Pesach.

Oh, phooey.

Well, on to the nibblies, then? ;)

Sadly, I'm well trained enough that I would avoid chometz in the neighborhood. But I'm quite a fan of yummy pork bbq.

I think it's a sign that you buy. Becuase even if you hate the neighbors? So what? They ahve no power over you unless you are doing something amazingly offensive.

And since my house has the bugs that you only get from 40 years of high density housing? Two roaches is nothing.
Two is the number I killed this evening, at the computer desk.

I don't know what the New York tenant laws are (my understanding is that they protect the tenant even more than in Michigan), but in Michigan, a landlard cannot enter your premises without giving 24 hours notice, and they have to set a specific appointment for when they will be there. They cannot barge in; they cannot show up unannounced. If she keeps this crap up, you really, really should consult someone about your legal rights. She doesn't have the right to harass you for the apartment not being as tidy as she would like.
I'm so sorry she is still being such a pill. Have a pleasant holiday, anyway, hon!