Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I'm one step from tears

The house is basically done.

I need to do some more vacuuming and straightening up, and to toss a popcorn bag or two, but it's done. Kitchen is absolutely done, except we need to get our folding table from outside.

My groceries will be delivered eventually ($200+, and that's mostly for Shabbat and the two s'dorim.) I also got pretty paper plates, hot cups and napkins for the s'dorim.

I have both afikomin presents - Yu-Gi-Oh Structure pack for the 8 year old; Cordelia's Honor for my brother-in-law, who is a 36 year old college professor. But he will be the youngest, unless the Judge is.

So, why am I near tears?

Because when I came home from shopping, my husband was upset. Seems Landlady had met him on his way back from taking the bedding to the laundromat and getting his pre-Passover haircut and beard trim. (That last looks very nice. I've been trying to get him to have it professionally trimmed for years and it does make a difference.) He then vacuumed the stairs (not chometz, just dirt) and more around the house and she's going to come over tomorrow.

I'm not going to wait on her, you know. I still have some more shopping to do and I have all that cooking. So should she be cooking.

I don't cook clean. The kitchen will look like I'm cooking. She'll have to deal.

Anyway, it's all covered in foil. :)
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