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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Two days of yom tov ahead.

Shabbos dinner:
herby chicken (oregano, olive oil, vinegar under skin of chicken) - cooling on top of stove
marinated asparagus - cooked and in fridge
baked sweet potatoes - baking

Shabbos lunch:
At friends

Achron shel pesach dinner:
Mina di espinacia - cooling on top of stove
Salad - to be made tomorrow night

Achron shel pesach lunch:
at friends

Last week, I hosted. This week, I shall be a guest.


Ooooh. Tonight's menu sounds wonderful and I wanna come to dinner.

How fast can you drive? :)

Not that fast. Another time, perhaps. :)

you could come over here of course.

On the other hand, Seth is sick, so perhaps another week? You are always welcome.

Some other week, I'd love to. Meanwhile, have a lovely shabbos!

You too!

It's just silly that we've had Manny here and we've had you here, but never at the same time!

*giggle* Well, yes, there is that. And if we bring Grace there, she can play with Julian, and the cuteness quotient will soar too high to be borne. :)

We are having mina de espinaca tonight. Mmmmm.

That sounds lovely. :D