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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Pesach no more.

It took less than an hour.

The aluminum foil is off the counters and the stove (the stove had a minor challenge I'll get into later.)
The Passover stuff is stored away in boxes and bags and such and the year round things and the chometz I sold and stored away as opposed to kept in closed-off cupboards is back where it belongs. My kitchen is back.

The challenge to the stove was this - the last day of Passover is a Yizkor day - a day when we say a prayer in remembrance of the dead, so I lit a yarzheit (memorial) candle for my father. A yarzheit candle is designed to burn for at least 24 hours. This one is in a little metal holder. Just for safety, I put it on a saucer. However, that saucer is from my Pesach set. I'd hoped it would have burned out by the time I needed to put the Pesach dishes away. It hadn't. So I took a set of tongs and put it on my stove, which was still covered in foil. And then I removed the rest of the foil and I wanted to take care of the stove, too. I finally realized I could - I took a year-round saucer and used my year-round tongs to put the candle on that and took care of the stove.

I suppose I could have blown out the candle, as it had been going for well over 24 hours, but I can't do it. It would be like blowing out my father.


Woooh! My hope is that all the passover groceries go on sale tomorrow. Matzoh meal has replaced bread crumbs in my esteem, and I'm lookign forward to a year worth of matzoh meatloaf.

Matzoh meal is the best. I wouldn't use anything else anymore.

98% of the time, Matzoh is perfect. On a couple of occassions, it's a little too mealy, and I want to use a finer crumb. But most of the time, I'm all for Matzoh.

you can (i mean, it's permitted to) blow out a yahrzeit candle?!


I can't see why it would be a problem after the day was over, but I couldn't make myself do it.