Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I went to the dermatologist today.

I go twice a year. We chat about how my hypersensitive skin is calming down and how I use the Zyrtec for hay fever now, too, and he checks me for moles and maybe removes one. (Not this time.)

Here's the thing about Dr. C. He's busy. He's head of the department, even if he looks barely past bar mitzvah and is, in fact, my age. And he gets backed up. A lot. I've spent a lot of time waiting in his waiting room.

This time, the appointment was for 1:30, but his receptionist said call her at 12:30 to get a guess about when he might actually see me. I did. She said 2:45. Okay. I got there at 3PM. She said 45 more minutes.

I went downstairs to the lobby and got a cup of coffee at a little Central Perk franchise in the building. They even had a little fridge with wrapped and sealed kosher sandwiches and such. I wasn't hungry but it was something nice to see. I go back upstairs, and I sit and wait. And wait. And wait. Until finally it's nearly 5PM and then I get called in. (I made some nice progress on my Elizabeth Bennet in Space story, though.) We even discuss PDAs. No moles. I get a new prescription for Zyrtec and one for rosecea lotion, and I'm out the door by 5:30, with my next appointment in November.

I'd orginally thought the appointment was last week, and was relieved when I found out I was wrong (when I called at 12:30.) See, I was going to go mikveh within a couple of days - what if he'd decided to remove a mole? I'd have asked him to postpone it for another week. I told him this and he thought I was right - going into the mikveh with an open wound is not a good thing for me or for whoever follows me. And usually, the wound is on my back and that would have been a problem. Fortunately, mole removal can wait a week. Even more fortunately, none of my current crop seems to be a problem.

Anyway, after I finally got out, I went to the Midtown Lush store to restock on shower gels and hair conditioner. I buy the big .5 liter containers and use them to refill the small ones we keep in the shower. And I found out that my favorite shower gel, Tramp, has been discontinued. So I got a second 500 mil container, which turned out to be the last such in NYC.

I'm sorry.

But it smells nice and green and foresty and rich and not sweet at all, which is how I like my scents. And they shouldn't be discontinuing it. So there.

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