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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Right now - I have finally taken off the two layers of tablecloth (cloth and disposable plastic) and the tablepads. My year-round candlesticks are sitting on their tray, their glass cups scrubbed free of old wax and rust, with two new candles inside, waiting to be lit. My placemats are back on the table, too. It's a shining expanse of lovely wood.

My kitchen floor is swept. In the oven is a pot of what Jonathan calls "Chicken and Rice Dish." It was originally a recipe from the Lubavitch cookbook Spice and Spirit they named Chicken Paprikash. It's not because Chicken Paprikash calls for sour cream, and, well. No. Except that I've tried pareve soy sour cream and it's not bad, so maybe...

Anyway, the original recipe is onions, celery, peppers and tomato (or ketchup, says the recipe.) saute'ed in oil until soft, and then you add cubed chicken breasts and paprka and when the chicken is cooked, you put in a couple of cups of rice and three cups of water and you let it cook. It's a pleasant dish.

I've long ago started adding spicy sausages - my local kosher supermarket sells store made spicy kielbasa - and today I used thigh meat instead of breast meat because I think that will be work better. I've also used Cajun spice, but not this time. It's delicious, it sits in a warm oven forever and it reheats beautifully.

With a salad, it's a meal.


Sounds nummy.

I will have to try the non-sour cream version, although I can assure you that the sourcream version is nummy and very rich. (Good winter food). Unless there's something I don't know about IMO (or like non-dairy "sour cream" products) I don't see why it won't work.

I've wanted to taste the real thing ever since I read McCaffery's Ship Who Sang collection, where one of the Brawns pretended to curse at someone by repeating the recipe in Russian. And then cooked it for herself.

But my family, even though we weren't observant, never cooked meat and milk together, so it never happened. And when I got my own kitchen, I was keeping kosher, so...maybe I'll find an authentic recipe and use the fake stuff.

But I think it's now chicken jumbalaya anyway.