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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today I achieved a goal.

I got my notary stamp and used it to notarize a document for my boss.

Today I formed a new goal.

I want to turn my regency in space story into something bigger.

Today I worked a miracle.

I got a recalcitrant computer to work by replugging in the keyboard and rebootinig.

Today I herded cats.

Another concom meeting.

Today I made a meal.

Braised veal with portobello mushrooms in wine with noodles and spiced carrots.

Today there were things I did.


Wow. I totally misread this line:
Another concom meeting.

I, um, well, thought there was a "d" in that middle word.


Trynig to imagine what that would entail.


spiced carrots? how does that go? *loves the carrots, baby*

Take precut carrots. Put in microwaveable bowl. Dust with lovely North Indian spice mixture (paprika, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, black and red pepper, cinnamon, cardaon, cloves, saffron.) Microwave on high for 7 minutes, until carrots are cooked. Serve.

Failing microwave, steam the carrots until they're cooked.

Mixture is used for mutton and is delicious with lamb, but I use it for vegetables a lot. Also chicken.

Thank you! That sounds very tasty indeed.

Do you buy the spice mixture, or make it up yourself?

Auntie Arwen - she gets all of her powders and such commercially.

Herded cats does indeed count as a miracle. So, I guess that counts as two for you, today.
The pleasures of life are the small things. They may not make for fascinating LJ writing, but they are the things that make life worth living.
Congrats on, now, being a professional notary.
(I'd like the spiced carrots recipe, too, please. Mmmmm, carrots.)

Yeah. That's how it was.

Not sure how well the cat herding went, but it did.

See above.

I adore portobellos.

Oh, yeah. They soaked up the wine sauce, too.

it sounds like a lovely and fulfilling day, all told!

Nods. Yeah.