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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Whisky bad

Actually, whisky *good*. Especially 18 year old Macallen whisky. Except I don't drink most of the time so I have no tolerance.

I went to TARcon, which is a The Amazing Race finale party in NYC. They had an open bar with wine/beer/soda, and I did take advantage of that for diet Coke (I don't drink beer and I don't drink non-kosher wines), but since I was at a bar and all, I went to the main one and asked if they had any single malt. :) I got a small snifter with what looked like two shots of whisky in it. And nursed it for three hours.

The race itself had a satisfactory ending - the couple most people liked won and the best racers came in second. And it's always fun watching that sort of thing in a crowd so you get caught up in the moment. I left right afterwards, so I missed the celebrities, but that's okay. I did have to work today and I already feel lousy.

I did the right things - I had a cup of soda and a cup of water before leaving and more water plus aspirin and a vitamin pill when I got home, so I don't have a headache or anything, but I feel off and shaky anyway. Didn't help that I woke up practically every hour on the hour to go to the bathroom.

Not good.


I'm sorry you're feeling poorly, but you're right, single-malt is good.

whiskey and wine

When I was a student in Israel, I boarded with a Jewish family from Ireland. (I hadn't known there were Jews in Ireland, but I met quite a few while in Israel.) Naturally, the husband LOVED whiskey. Even his mother used to drink whiskey. She drank Chivas Regal. To them, that was the weak stuff.

In the year I was there, Purim came out on March 17, Paddy's day. The father of the house decided to celebrate with whiskey and wine. This is a man who could hold his liquor, but that mix made him sick.

One month later, we were sitting at their Pesach seder, of course. I don't take a full cup of wine; I mix grape juice and wine, but when their then 4-year-old saw me doing it, he said, "No! If you mix your drinks, you'll get sick!" K'naina hara!


I usually stick with about one shot of whisky a night for just this reason, even though I DO have tolerance. It's just too much.

Yeah, but how do you leave an enormously expensive glass of anything half-touched?

Can't help you there. :/ I only drink single-malt at home, and only pour out what I want.

I'm so jealous you got to go to TARcon! I've been wanting to go for a long time, but it's just never worked out with timing, money, etc. Plus I don't spend that much time on the TWOP boards, so I'm afraid I might feel like an odd one out. I was in St. Paul for the finale and toyed with going to TARcon North, but ultimately I ended up watching with my parents who had never seen the show. They were very good and did not ask too many questions during the show.

It was fun for what I did. Which was hang out outside the bar (I'm not fond of noise and crowds) with a couple of people and watch with them. And I left right after so I didn't meet anyone.

I'm hearing something important missing. Sounds like you were there for hours...and then went to bed with no *food*. Yes, you drank water, which is good, and prevented a headache, but you probably woke up with low blood sugar, which caused your feeling "off and shaky". In future, when drinking alcohol of any kind, before you go to bed, stop and think to yourself - "How much water have I had to drink? How much have I had to eat?" Because your body *will* be using up those fluids and blood sugar to process that alcohol while you sleep. Even a little snack and a glass of water before bed makes a *big* difference in the morning. The aspirin isn't needed unless you feel like you're drunk. If you feel fine before you go to bed, then as long as you've drank your water and you've eaten, you won't need the pain killer.

You may well be right - I had a decent enough dinner beforehand, but I should have had something to eat when I got home.

I'll keep that in mind.