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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I used the timer thing to get through the day's work, because otherwise I wasn't doing any of it. I'm still feeling off so this was necessary. I found a timer program and d/l'd it.

I think I've figured out that the timing is different for deskwork than it is for housework, though. For housework, I do best with 15 on, 10 off cycle. For desk, 20 on and 5 off seems to work - I consistently worked five minutes past the timer going off for the 15 and I figured early on that five minutes was enough break for me.

Interesting that I operate on a 25 minute cycle. :)


"The timer thing"? How does that work? Do you use a computer timer for housework, or a kitchen timer?

At home, I use a little digital timer. I got it at the hardware. Common enough design - has a clip and a magnet and a little stand. Flylady sells one that can be strung on a cord around your neck, but this works just fine for me and it costs only about $7 with the batteries. It goes beep, you finish up what you're doing and you get the kitchen clean quickly.

The "timer thing" is doing work in chunks of time that feel right to you. It's the one concept from Flylady that works for me.

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