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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

For those who, like me, have been wondering about this very thing, JK Rowling says why Sirius never got Veritaserum.

(He might still have got it, *I* think, if his name had not been Black.)

ETA that this shows that the Ministry is as corrupt as the people it was supposedly fighting. Which is apparently one of her themes - Umbridge, after all, was not a Death Eater. She was just evil.


I think you're right.

Names mean an awful lot in the wizarding world and they can work against you as much as for you. Given the way that Lucius Malfoy is so much smarter, even if he's not much nicer, when Voldemort isn't around, I've always wondered why everyone believes he wasn't really under Imperius--except, of course, that they don't want to believe it.

This has thrown another wrench into our rebooting RPG though. Sigh.

I'm just having a similar conversation in a watching community for another RPG.

If your RPG has established canon of its own hat is contradicted by something that JK Rowling says afterwards, just go with your own canon.

Sounds exactly like what I've always thought. Sirius didn't get Veritaserum because he was *railroaded*. And being a Black sure didn't help!

Can't you just hear it?

"My *dear*, what else could we expect from one of *that* family. They're Dark to the core, all of them. It was only a matter of time before he turned."

*nods like a bobble doll* This is the way the Wizarding World works. It's a small, small world, and everyone has known everyone for generations, and people are still judged by their ancestors.

(This is a reason why Dungeons!Sirius didn't want to adopt Dungeons!Remus's daughter. He *knows* that once he slaps the name Black on her, that's the first thing that people will react to. That and the werewolf curse. She already has one strike against her, why go for 2?)

This is why I think that Dungeons!Sirius should announce that, as he's married to Dungeons!Remus and all, he's changing his name to Lupin. Then she wouldn't be a Black.

Also, I think he'd take great and amusing glee at doing so.

errr... the way I play him, he'd see that as cheating. A very Slytherin-ish way of wiggling out of the matter.

Wow--this is one of those times where the real answer is exactly what I always figured it was!


They owe Sirius for 12 years of his life, and the greater part of his sanity.

Good thing he's dead.



You'll see! You'll ALL see! Either in book 6 or book 7, I WILL BE VINDICATED! MBWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now I'm relatively curious what your theory is.

Oh it's so simple I can (and have) put it on a t-shirt! Look at the icon I'm using: "NO BODY, NO DEATH."

I'm one of those rabid Sirius revisionists who think he'll be back before the end of book 7, that's all. :)