Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

This has worked before, so I'm hoping it will work now.

I can't reach my husband. I've tried AIM, because he's signed on, but signed on doesn't mean anything for him. I've tried calling him at his office, but he doesn't answer. He doesn't have a cellphone. Telepathy is clearly nonfunctional.

He should be home or on his way home now. (In which case, he might well be underground and therefore unreachable, but he's also above ground a good portion of the way once he leaves Manhattan, but it doesn't matter because, did I mention? He doesn't have a cellphone.)

And I'm getting rather frantic. Because I've been trying to reach him since 6:30. And it's nearly 9PM. I spoke to him at 5PM, but. I'm frantic now.

And I've checked the news reports and there doesn't seem to be a major transit problem. Doesn't mean there isn't a minor one, though. Like a sick passenger or something.

But he doesn't leave that early. And I'm getting frantic.

ETA: it worked. The moment I posted this, the phone rang. And it was him, and he was at the train station, and he'd thought he'd told me he'd gone to The Strand to find a book on graphic design. He'll be home in a few minutes. And he apologized.
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