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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My. Goodness.

That was. Wow. Wow.


ETA: spoilers in comments






Even my husband, who's never seen the show before, acknowledged that was a hell of a well-told story.

It was. It was one of their best. And, well, I didn't get that Carmen Electra (did you notice that he was originally played by Carmen Electra?) was House until Foreman did. But that's because I need major anvils.

But the three leg cases and the same resolution and the effect of family and House as a teacher and...I'm so glad this show's been renewed.

My husband refers to Wilson as House's boyfriend. Just for the record.

Love It

I adored this episode. SO telling, so very wonderful.

Yes. Or, more to the point.

So *showing* and *not* telling.

It was *tight* from start to finish.

I've got it. I'm waiting till tomorrow to watch it. TIVO keeps it for me.

I wound up watching "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" instead.

Tell me. Was accurate? Or was it funny in it's dumbness?

First episode xiphias and I watched as well. [Apparently, Fresh Air had an interview with the series creators earlier today on NPR, which got Ian curious.]

Might've been a little more dramatic had we known who the other characters were, but it was really good and we'll probably tune in again.

And I'm willing to bet you forgot to log in as cheshyre ;)

Whoops; that was me. Didn't realize the computer was logged in as Ian.