Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pain. Much, much pain.

Yesterday, in Pa-kua, we did rolls and falls. "We" because another woman joined me. I did my grey belt improvement training with her and she's a blue belt now, too. She just took some time for grad school. Priorities, after all.

And after rolls and falls, my arms always hurt. I use them to break my fall for front falls, I slap them down for back falls, I roll on them for front rolls (we stuck with those today.) Often, my neck hurts, too - it's easy to get whiplash from back falls. Not this time, though.

When I told Master Eric this today, he said that my form has improved greatlywhich is why no whiplash, but we have to work on it some more. Apparently, he doesn't believe in "good pain." He believes in good form so there isn't pain.

The only other problem I had is that Master Eric is a man. I have permission to take mixed classes in the normal uniform (baggy, unisex pants and a loose gi that I wear over a t-shirt or a yoga top that covers my collar bone), but I still have to cover my hair around a man. The scarf I wear is usually sufficient, but not when I'm falling or rolling. I kept having to adjust it or put it back on. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

I really wish I had a woman teacher again, as much as I love Master Eric and as much as I'm learning in his classes. He's a wonderful teacher.

So today, I have to steel myself to raise my arms over my head, and since we did pushups and situps again today, tomorrow will be. Interesting. And there's no way form can correct the lactic acid that's going to flow through my stomach muscles tomorrow. But it was a marvelous work out.

We're going to friends tonight, and we're having friends over tomorrow. Still no cleaning lady, but the house is in decent shape and I vacuumed yesterday. And all of the cooking is either done or in the oven and taking care of itself.

Lunch will be:
Gefilte fish baked in salsa
Salad (greens, red onion, yellow pepper and a fruit nut mix in a vinaigrette.)
Lemon-herb chicken (Zest and juice of a lemon mixed with dried oregano and basil, plus olive oil and two cloves of garlic, grated. Water to make a paste. Push under the skin of the chicken pieces (I use eighths), spray whole thing with cooking spray. Put in 450 oven for 90 minutes.)

I was going to make lemon-fresh parsley, but it turns out I used that last night instead of the cilantro. And I don't know if my guests like cilantro, which is one of those things that you either love or hate. So I used the dried herbs instead.

Guest is bringing a broccoli kugel, so I just cooked up a bunch of noodles. She's also bringing a sugar free pareve cheesecake. (She kept volunteering more food...:))

Because we didn't want to bring out the tablecloth and we only could find three fleishig place mats, I bought four new ones today, in washable off-white damask. They're going to look lovely and I intend to keep them only for Shabbat. I also got four new dairy placemats because we don't like the ones we currently use.

And I've made some planning progress on a story I've discussed in the comments of potter_cliches. I realized that my main plot point? Has two precedents in canon. Which is very, very cool.

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