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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Better Now

It's not a week off, but fifteen minutes in a coffee house that's not my office, with no phones or agents or anything else made an enormous difference.

And I got to meet a couple of spies - a four year old and his mommy, who were spies today. Or so he told me. He also took the marvelous big wooden chessmen that live on the big chess table in the coffee house and made them parade around the edge of the table. It was lovely.

And I said mincha, which also helped.

I'm much better now.


I want to write fanfiction about your life. Well, at least about the four year old and his mother, who are both spies. May I borrow them? (at least, what little of them is in this post)

You can use those people.

The world is filled with people like that.

Apparently, I looked like his aunt.