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I just got a phone call at home from someone who works in the same real estate agency as I do. My job is to answer the phones. His job is to show houses and try to sell them, something he only does when he feels like it. This does not make our employer happy in the best of times, and these are not the best of times. With rentals down because of the events in NYC, she depends on sales to make any money. Note: I know both employer and agent from outside work, as both attend my old synagogue and my employer and I are both board members. This makes things awkward at times.

He's not doing his job right now. He was put in charge of showing a property, even given extra payment to do it. They put his voice mail on the ad and everything. The ad went out Sunday. Monday the calls came in. Monday he never showed up. He says he was ill. I'd believe him except that I called his home three times and got either voice mail or his wife. I called him during working hours on my boss's direction for work related reasons.

By Tuesday, his voice mail was full. He came in for a few minutes and left again. When he came back, the boss became very angry - she's in a perpetual state of anger where he's concerned - and took him off the assignment, which he considers "unrighteous."

And he called me at home, at night, to grill me about it. It's not my job to call and tell him he has messages. If he can't make it to the office, it's his job to go to his voice mail and answer it. In fact, there are agents who only work at night. They make it a practice to call in and get their messages. And by not being there, he may have lost the sales. It's a short week. Every day counts.

He had no right to call me. That's harassment and I don't need to stand for it.

And I missed Smallville, too. First time I've watched it. :)

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