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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today is Tuesday. I have not checked my Flist since Friday morning. I have a feeling I shouldn't try to catch up.

So. Anything interesting/good happen while I was away? Any good stories posted? Good news from people? Anything I should know about?


I wrote a long post about my weekend, which included co-ordinating a wedding. This is my favorite paragraph:"The couple were in their 50's, second wedding for both. They were charmingly nervous and obviously very much in love with each other. Prepare to be choked up: They met at a support group for people whose spouses had died of cancer. "

And, regarding an absolute dump of an open house Mom, Daughter and I went to: "The phrase 'Oh, no he didn't' popped out of my mouth as I walked from the 6'-ceilinged basement living room into the bathroom. The refrigerator was in the bathroom. THE REFRIGERATOR WAS IN THE BATHROOM!!! Even my CAT knows that YOU DON'T EAT WHERE YOU PISS!!! "

Also, these two posts for kimmaline's birthday are kinda amusing (one anecdote, one icon):


Only thing interesting that I posted was new pictures of Julian, but those are mostly exciting to me, not to anyone else.


I've been at a convention, so I didn't post anything either.

I tried my hand at a short story, but I can't speak to its quality.

I compared midrash and fanfic.