Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Meme from sweetbriar

I've been tagged.

As if I know. These are strongly influenced by what I've heard most recently.

In no order.

1. "Lies" by Stan Rogers. "She wonders if this could be the man whose amazed and clumsy fingers put that ring upon her hand..."

2. "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor "Sweet greens and blues are the colors I choose..."

3. "Fire in the Sky" by Jordin Kare "See her big jets flare and a fire in the sky"

4. "Balance" by Julia Ecklar "In all things there must be balance/my teacher said to me"

5. "A Boy and His Frog" by Tom Smith "And not quite in your voice I'll say..."

6. "307 Ale" by Tom Smith "It'll lay your whole damn world to waste and make you fit and hale..."

Okay. Tagging.

tigerbright, fatale, ataniell93, vassilissa, sheltiesong and pocketnaomi.

Purely voluntary.

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