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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Tomato Nation on Fashion

Sing it, Sars.

I especially love the long swim in Lake Skirts with Pockets.


Yes, yes, yes!

I used to revel in being able to wear a lot of colors, ones a lot of my friends won't touch, but these acid greens, oranges, oranges and fuschias TURN me those colors. And it seems that the fashion industry, even the level of "fashion" I buy, will not let ANY other colors on the market in a given season.

At least it's becoming occasionally possible to cover my stomach. For a while, every pair of pants rode too low and every shirt rode too high. I believe firmly that not every body has to be toned and super-lean, but no-one needs to see my post-partum belly or its strangely arrow-shaped navel.

See, these colors actually work for me, although I prefer to avoid that orange. And the skirts they sell in size 20 tend to hang from what I pretend is a waist (I'm a barrel.) But the tops. Teen-age Orthodox Jewish girls wear those tops layered over t-shirts, usually white. And that's a very cute look if you're sixteen. Not so cute at 41.

I want *tunics*. I want tops that go below my hips. That's flattering on me - it gives me a longer line that makes me less barrel shaped. I also want sleeves that cover my elbows because I was an idiot and took on that extra bit of modesty, and I need collars that reach my neck, or close to it.

Everything is v-necks or boat necks (too much shoulder) and even the blouses don't have enough buttons.


I need to dig up this wonderful essay by Samuel R. Delany about the day his (then) wife put on a pair of his trousers and went all but orgasmic about the size of the pockets in them.

He goes on to talk about how seeing the itty bittyness of the pockets in her jeans gave him some real insight into a woman's world and POV.

I so want cargo skirts in my size. Ones that go below my knees. I'd get them in every color of natural and wear them to work, I would. I don't mind carrying a huge purse (everyone carries bags of some sort in NYC anyway), but it would be nice to keep things in actual pockets.

But even the side pockets I have now are better than nothing.

Nice piece, although she missed my current *argh*-causer: the insistance on selling tops & bottoms together, so anyone who needs a size x top and a size y bottom is stuck.

I haven't seen much of that, but, yeah. ARRGH!