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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
This was amusing.

I bought an air conditioner today. The big one in our dining room wall was enough to keep us cool our first summer, but it's old and it's not doing the job anymore, and we finally convinced our land lady of this. Although, we're buying it ourselves.

We kept calling the big appliance place and nothing happened. So, today, I went there. And they went on line and they found the exact model we needed. And while I was waiting for it to happen, I played with my PDA - I'm writing an "accidental marriage" story and it's actually flowing. The salesman noticed and I happened to mention that I type 40 wpm with my thumbs and faster with my fingers. That I was a secretary.

Turns out they needed one. Next thing I know, after I pay for my new AC, to be delivered and installed next Thursday, I'm having a job interview.

They really would have hired me right then, I think, but it's full time and includes Sundays right now. And I can't do that. Also, I couldn't do that to my current employers. And then there's this con thing. But. So funny.

Also tells me that if I need to get a new job, I probably can.


What PDA do you have? Congrats about getting an interview without even applying for a job. :)

Palm Tungsten C. I love it.

My Zire isn't even two years old yet, but I am already looking at other Palms in case of something happening to it. :)

So does that mean you're quitting your old job, or will this be something on the side?

It means I'm continuing in my old job and not taking this. I don't want to work 10-7 four days a week, plus half of Friday *and* most of Sunday for no benefits.

Three days a week 10-5 is currently enough for me.

I don't blame you. I would really love to be able to work three days a week 10-5. (Heck, I'd settle for getting out early on Fridays!)

Congratulations on the job offer!