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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

*Stares at weather forecast for Tuesday.*

It'll be around 80F. We won't have ac in the dining room until Thursday. I have guests coming for lunch on Tuesday.

I'll be serving cold food regardless, but should I give them the option of going someplace else?


Can you set up a fan?
Will there be direct sunlight into the dining room during lunch?

Room has a southern exposure.

We will be setting up a fan.

You may want to at least give them the heads-up, depending on how well you know them. Some people (like my mom) take meds and/or have illnesses that make them extra-vulnerable to heat even if they're not in the sunlight. So maybe mention the possible warmth of your place and let them let you know if that'll be a problem.

That's what I think I will do. They all have options, or even standing invitations, to other places.

Can you open windows and create a cross breeze?

It's possible. We will have a fan.

Giving them the option sounds fair. But they may not expect air conditioning, unless it's very common in the place you live. When I lived in one observant area in LA the houses were older. Central air was rare and window units usually weren't located in the kitchen... I had no AC at all.

I'm with the "heads up" contingency. Some people just get ill in the heat. Others love it. It's up to them to decide what they want to do.
Have a good lunch, regardless!