Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Readercon I

Before the con. :)

Given the various strictures this time of year, this is about the only convention we could attend - it's all *books* and *writing*. Just a couple of big bid parties, which tend to be quiet, the con suite, and fascinating panels. No filking, which I can't go to, no room parties. A nice, quiet Sercon with several hundred writers and editors.

We're leaving tonight in my newly rented Nissan Sentra. The black one, not the blue one. I was going to get the blue one, but it was wet inside, so they gave me the black one that was being returned just then. It was clean, and the gas tank was almost full. We'll spend the night someplace in Connecticut. And Jonathan is even now buying a small tape player because the car only has a CD player and, as we're not listening to music, we want to hear lectures instead. We have a series of talks on the Three Weeks.

I'll report on the con when I get back.

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