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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Well. It seems that Internet Explorer is evil.

Big shock, right?

With the help of a CD boot disc and a recovery disc, both gifts of friends, we have managed to get the computer functional. It turns out that our IE files (and our Macafee files) are pretty well corrupted.

We need to have XP for work reasons; I've been using Mozilla and he's been using Firefox pretty well exclusively. If we could remove IE from our desktop...sigh.

Anyway, we've saved all we need to save to CD and we will get a new hard drive. It's still a disaster, but it's been mitigated. And I'm not totally cut off any more.


You can remove IE (and many other "mandatory" components) using a third-party program called XP Lite.

i still have IE on my desktop, but i don't run it. in fact it's on my program list in my firewall, not allowed to access the internet unless i say so (and click on at least three things, so i can't even let it open by accident). and i run WinXP. no reason you have to let IE run your lives.