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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The Evil of Walmart

Two weeks ago, my brother, who did web management at the New Mexico Distribution center for WalMart (I know, but he has a family to support) was fired.

This is what happened, in his own words (and, my goodness. I swear he was an English major.)

He's asked me to spread this around, although I know most of you know about WalMart.

My issues with my General Manager began last December. Wal-Mart has a Jewish associate named A* S*. Every year he had been allowed to hang a poster of a menorah prior to Hanukkah, along with the christmas trees, Santa's, christmas cards etc. My GM took exception and had called a meeting to discuss this situation. He had it with our senior staff. I was not invited to the meeting, but happened to have stayed over in the meeting room and heard everything. The meeting started off with the managers joking about the situation and laughing about old A* and Menorahs, and his wish to have this menorah. The meeting ended with their stategy to remove the poster. I had been employed for four years at this time, and had never experienced a meeting like this before. Nor, was such deplorable behavior allowed in a meeting room. This is our third GM in four years so that explained this partially.
Well, as I am also Jewish, I took tremendous offense to this. After the meeting I spoke with a member of senior management. He, at first, did not agree with me, but later told me that he understood why I thought this was discriminatory, and not only breaking my rights but especially A*.
From that point forward my relationship with my GM went sour. He became threatening, abusive, and discriminatory. Everything from putting me in seperate quarters during a convention in Tennessee, to denying me the same basic Wal-Mart rights such as the Open Door. He even verbally threatened me in front of my associates, calling me out. Now, since GM's come and go, I kept a low profile. Since most of senior staff was obviously anti-semetic, there was not much I thought I could do without losing my job.
Well, my GM terminated me anyway. It was a trumped up charge of mis-appropriating a laptop. This laptop had been around for years, in different manager's hands. I had permission, irregardless. What is so significant is that I was the only one punished for this laptop, and the other managers were completely held un-accountable.
Wal-Mart is happy to sell Menorahs and kosher foods, etc, but it is a different story in their workplace. They ruined my reputation with their false charges, and, since I live in a small town life has grown uncomfortable. I even receive harrassing phone calls at 2am. Wal-Mart is not the reputable place people believe. This same management group runs high stake poker games, and the involve other associates and minors. If you are not part of the clique you are ostracized.

He wrote this letter to a group specializing in such matters and gave me permission to post it, although I have eliminated all names.

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Absolutely appalling...and yes, almost all of us know about Wal-Mart, but each new story makes it more clear that they're the devil.

Yup. I've been boycotting them for the last few years, and plan to continue.

I'm spreading this around.

Haven't been to Wal-Mart in years. They're making significant headway in ruling the world without my support.

also, your brother needs to hire a lawyer and try to get a class action suit going. Or one from himself.

He has an EEOC suit pending.

I have not been in a Wal-Mart in several years.

DH and I are going to switch to Costco this coming weekend, and this story only reaffirms that choice.

Yet another reason not to go there.

As if my gay-looking money is an important consideration to their bottom line...

I hope your brother finds a better job soon--and takes these mothers to the cleaners!

He actually has found a new job - as I said, he has a family. He's managing a restaurant in a national chain (he's done restaurant management in the past, and he's good at it.) starting tomorrow. It includes benefits.

I'm not certain when the last time was that I was in MalWart - it's been years. We did not renew our Sam's Club membership this past April, opting instead to join CostCo in May.

I'm never surprised at the things they do, but this is a truly horrible story. I'm so sorry it happened to your brother, but I'm not surprised. Not at all.

Yuck. I'm not surprised any more, but I'm saddened nonetheless. I'm glad he was able to find another job and that he's pursuing the EEOC claim.

Have you heard about the (local, not national) WalMart anti-Shabbat rule? Be available for any shift, any time, or be fired.

I would think that is illegal.
I suggested the ACLU above, and I'm convinced that, with this, they would definitely be interested in the case.


Glad your brother's okay; he sounds like a mensch.

We've been boycotting Wal-Mart for years (granted, not hard here, where none is handy) and shopping at Costco, BJ's, and Target instead. All are cleaner, more friendly, and less politically unfriendly than WallyWorld. (I mean, a company that has a 60' x 60' listening room hooked to its franchises for the purpose of preventing unionization!)

If the AFL-CIO wants into WM, I will support them any way I know how.

Major lawsuit. Now. Let your brother bring that one to Alan Dershowitz. NOW.

Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard University
Office: Hauser 520
Phone: (617) 495-4617
Fax: (617) 495-7855
Email: dersh@law.harvard.edu


And get help from major Jewish organizations: the American Jewish Committee, the ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the American Jewish Congress.

The bastards should SUFFER for this.

Keep posting on whatever step happens, and I can make sure this gets on widely-diffused mailing lists. (Won't do it until you give me a green light, though.)

Please do. In fact, my brother specifically requested it be spread as far as possible. (Which is why I edited out names and such.)

I think everyone else has made wise suggestions, but... wow. I will never shop at Wal-Mart.

This is a surprise

The evil that is Wal*Mart is a cottage industry. But nobody cares untilt ehir ox is gored.

South Park had it right.

Re: This is a surprise

Funny how often South Park does get it right.

yikes,I'm sorry. If there's anything we can do -- write letters, f'rinstance -- please let me know.

I don't know. My brother wants Wal-Mart harassed but that bothers me.

If you can spread the word through other contacts, that would be good.

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