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I got home a couple of hours ago.

Of the good -

My concom. mikestruffles, redaxe, maya_a, mneme, ladymondegreen, batyatoon and sdelmonte, fringefan and jonbaker. I did nothing; they did everything and because of that, the con was as good as it was. Mike, especially, went above and beyond and Batya and Alex ran a con suite better than I ever have. And then there was all the work before the convention.

filkerdave, who took on running our sound just before the convention, appeared to have a blast and did a great job under adverse conditions. His son, Paul, who watched the kids during the Saturday afternoon pizza party. Ian with no livejournal, who did anything I asked him to do - ran the initial 2x10s, helped with the auction (along with Dave andjslove and was otherwise more generous than I could ask. Spencer, who could have had a completely relaxing con, but still helped in more ways that I can name.

Our guests. Even despite Carla's illness, they were wonderful. Joe is a master of the guitar and happy to teach it to others, and his music is amazing. Carla was ill and couldn't sing, but could play, and so our Guest of Honor concert featured Joe and "Carlioke" - people came up and sang her songs to her, and as her, to her accompaniament. It was hilarious, and I'm just glad we could make such memorable lemonade. Mara Brener, who is talking about getting a livejournal, was funny and sweet and willing to do last minute things and made this convention complete. osewalrus, our master of toast, kept us going and kept us laughing and gave a wonderful concert of his own. Then other things happened (we're keeping his brother in our prayers) and he had to leave. persis - she sang at her own Listener concert, and made catapults with the kids and judged the songwriting contest and was generally as amazing as she always is, and we are honored that we could celebrate her this way.

Our members - friends old and new that we only get to see at these things. So much talent and heart in our filk circles - so much music. At one point, we had music in every one of our rooms, including the dealer's room, plus in the hallway, the borrowed room and the stairwell. A convention is only as good as the people attending it, but the people attending Contata are filkers, so it was all good. Plus all the people

Our hotel - not the least expensive of places, but helpful and pleasant and we had huge and comfortable rooms.

Of the not-so-good:

Carla's illness. The heat on Saturday (the entire second floor, inlcuding the business office had air conditioner problems.) The color of our t-shirts (we didn't know they'd be that neon a green). Harold's brother's illness.

The fact that Jonathan sat on a glass and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches (he's fine now) and ruined his last pair of trousers. So that I could not be there at the end of the convention.

A completely inexperienced con chair.

On balance - it was a con.
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