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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Museum trip

We went to the Brooklyn Museum, to look at the Monet's London exhibit.

The two galleries with Monet's paintings were striking in so many ways. First there was the feeling of pure light and color. Later, when we saw the same pictures from a different angle - perhaps the same as Monet's - things "pop" - details that had been hidden appear and what seemed to be blobs weren't at all.

After we got some coffee and saw part of the American art exhibit, we bought the exhibit catalog and sat for a bit. When we finally left, we happened to see this marvelous fountain - 48 jets of water shooting in patterns, varying combinations of jets, heights and speeds, creating sine waves and ossicilations, plus rainbows and even timed splashes.

While we were fascinated by the water display, there was a better show. Because there were kids. And if the water jets went high enough, and they were right by the fence, and they all were, they got splashed. Which meant they got wet, and had to shout and run away, and then run back. Sometimes, when the jets were high enough and the wind was right, even we grown-ups sitting far back got sprayed.

It was fun.


Damn, wish I had known you were going. That's on my list of things to see this summer. Would have loved to go with you. Went to the last Monet exhibit with fringefan, who was not overly impressed (but he;s not a big Monet fan to begin with). Would have been fun to go with someone who appreciated it. Want to go again? Can we hook up for that?