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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Yes, another convention. This time, I'm not running it (thank goodness) or on program, or doing the con suite or soliciting for Contata. I'm just *attending*. In other words, VACATION.

The rental car is sitting in front of the house. The suitcase is pretty well packed. I need to pick up a book or two, and I have this week's comics and whatever's on my PDA, and I hope to pick up the latest Bujold before Shabbat, so I'll have reading material. Plus, you know. The story I'm writing.

I do need to call for dinner to be picked up. And that would be it, because it's only a three day trip.

See you all on Sunday night.


I've always been curious about you and cons since you're so orthodox/traditional.

What do you do about food and keeping the sabbath?

I get that a lot.

Short form - we bring our own food, get a fridge and, well, manage.

Long form is here.

See you there!


Hi. I just placed my Ravenclaw vote for you at Hogwarts Elite.
I hope you don't mind - I was reading a little more about you, since you're older than the usual applicant (I'm 52), and was amazed to see one of my Antique Rose Forum friends on your flist! (ailsaek - though she hasn't posted on the forum for a long time - I owe her a rose called 'FLora McIvor').
Just had to post and mention it!
Looks like I'll be seeing you around H_E! (I'm a new Gryffindor)

Andrea aka Emmie Gray

Re: Random

Ailsa's a real life friend.

Ravenclaw, huh? I knew it would be a toss-up.

And nice to see I'm not the only non-teenybopper.