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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Is Seeking Out

A PDA case/bag/whatever designed for women. Something that doesn't depend upon a separate belt because, like many women, I don't wear belts.

I have something close right now - it's a tiny leather bag just big enough to hold my pda in its aluminum case and my cellphone, on a thin, removable leather strap. It cost me $6 at one of the leather goods stands at a rest stop. HOWEVER.

However, the strap is the wrong length. When I wear it across my body, it ends just above where my waist would be if I had one, which is awkward and not attractive.

The ideal bag would be about that size, with an adjustable strap - when fully extended, it would be long enough to reach my opposite hip, which would place the pda where it would be if it were clipped to a belt. It could also be adjusted to wear as a waistpack.

Anyone know where I can find adjustable straps?

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A luggage store? Or a leather-goods store (not a stand).

Or speak to any number of leathercrafters (SCAdians are particularly likely to be or know one; no, I don't have any really good connections at the moment).

You might try a shoe repair store -- they often also repair purses and similar things, and might have leather strapping.

Now, that's a thought. Even getting two different straps would do it - or just having the one strap long enough.

I guess going strapless isn't modest enough? ::g,d,r::

Is it too long, or too short? If too long, you can tie a knot in the strap, and it looks pretty normal.

Also, this has adjustable straps if you don't mind advertising for them.

Definitely, try a leathergoods store that does custom sizing on belts. Most likely, they will have the length you need in one of their belt straps and can size it to where ever you need it.

I thought of luggage stores too, though their straps might be too big.

If you can find the hardware (you've presumably got clips from the existing one, so you just need the adjuster thingie), you could make your own strap from cloth trim easily enough. Cloth trim comes from (some) fabric stores, or ask a handy SCA friend for help. Anyone in the SCA who's ever made his own garb has a box full of trim tucked away. :-)