Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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ginamariewade memetagged me.

Ten years ago: Living in our first apartment. Going to classes at Drisha Institute. Starting to read fanfic. Not working.

Five years ago: Living in our second apartment. Going to classes at Drisha. Not working. Ending my year of mourning for my father. Very much into fanfiction, and spending most of my day on IRC.

One year ago: Living in this apartment. Working on my Pa-kua grey belt. Starting my fourth year of work at the agency. Into fanfiction, HP and comic books. Working on getting a hotel for Contata.

Yesterday: Woke up, went on the web, read, showered, got dressed, went to work. Surfed most of the day because I lacked other work. Wrote a drabble. Bought the makings of dinner, picked up the laundry, came home. Watched tv, surfed, cooked dinner, watched Jon Stewart, went to sleep.

Today: Pretty much the same, except that didn't have to shop for dinner makings. Also, bought comic books and Tisha B'av sneakers.

Tomorrow: I don't know. I don't know if I have pa-kua class tomorrow or not because my master is going to New Mexico. Otherwise - it's Thursday. It's my day off. Maybe some housecleaning, maybe some writing. Shopping for Shabbat. Paying a shiva call tomorrow night.

Five snacks I enjoy: Pistachio nuts. Chips. Luna bars. Nuts/seeds in general. Melted cheese sandwiches.

Five bands that I know the lyrics of MOST of their songs: I The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. The Who. Simon and Garfunkle. The Police.

Five things I would do with $100,000,000: Spend a year in Israel. Buy a house. Buy a car. Adopt a child. Give a lot of tzedaka to a lot of charities. Buy a laptop.

Five locations I'd like to run away to: Jerusalem. Montreal. Boston. San Francisco. Paris.

Five things I like doing: IWriting. Reading. Cooking. Websurfing. Filking. Teaching.

Five things I wish I could wear: Shoes with heels. Strappy sandals. Blouses that don't stretch. Evening dress. Pumps. (I have bad feet. My shoes are one step away from orthopedic.)

Five TV shows I like:SGA. The 4400. The Dead Zone. House. Good Eats.

Five movies: Sky Captain. The Incredibles. The Potters. Spaceballs. Galaxy Quest.

Five famous people I'd like to meet: Bill Clinton. Jon Stewart. Morgan Spurlock. Al Franken. Hilary Clinton

Five biggest joys at the moment: Jonathan. My mom's health and her happiness with her boyfriend. Success of Contata. The feeling when writing flows. Pa-kua.

Five favorite toys: My PDA. My computer. My microwave. My microplane grater. My new kitchen shears.

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