Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Now, it may be just because I don't read het fic, but I do see a lot of headers and drabbles and such, so you'd think that in a fandom that pairs *everyone* and *everything*, I'd see a nearly canon pairing, but I don't. Then again, I could just be me

Why do I not see any Ginny/Dean stories? Or even stories with Ginny and Dean in the background?

I have my suspicians, of course. The good ones are that people have other pairing preferences for her, such as Harry or Draco, or Hermione or Luna. And she's not with Dean yet - she only wants to start dating him at the end of OotP and nothing's happened, so we don't have an image of her with him. After all, we don't see any stories with her and Michael Corner, either, and they dated for most of OotP. So, I'm pretty sure that most of the reasons are that people prefer her with someone else.

I just wish I could toss out another, less good reason.

No one wants to admit to being racist, and I suspect most of us have more of that than we'd care to recognize in ourselves, and I do not think it's on purpose. On the other hand, I've only realized it at all this week while writing a scene in the current WIP.

Do you think that, unconciously, people just don't want to pair our pretty, redhaired Pureblood girl with a Half-blood/Muggleborn boy from West Ham?

Or do they just prefer him with Seamus? :)
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