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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts - random and spoilerish.

I got the book this morning at 8:48AM. I ran downstairs in a nightshirt, an inside-out skirt and a snood, which was better than my husband's baseball cap. I carefully opened the package so as to avoid tearing any letters, and I read until I finished at 2:35PM.

So. First and foremost.

Severus Snape is NOT a traitor or a murderer. He did exactly as Dumbledore wanted him to do. And I refuse to hear or believe anything else. The other choices were unacceptable - either Draco becomes a murderer or Snape dies, due to that oath he took. Which Dumbledore was fully aware of. I don't think Dumbledore expected to survive that night.

This also makes Snape more valuable to the Order as he goes deeper undercover.

The book was much better than OotP. It was tighter, it was impossible to put down and there were no boring parts. And it had me laughing and had me crying. Oh, goodness. Madam Bones! That hit me hard and fast, you know?

And I'm going to say right now that I am so jealous of the shippers. Because at least some of you got your ships. And while my own OTP isn't quite ruined, it's been made much more difficult - Harry is still fascinated by Malfoy, enough that he forgets even Ginny. So.

And I can even rationalize Remus/Tonks by saying it doesn't preclude Sirius at all. Even if I really don't like it.

But I'll never see my OTPs. And, well. Life isn't fair, is it? :)

And my whole house-elf theory? Shot to pieces. Also, my current fic? More thoroughly jossed than I could have ever imagined, but I'm still writing it. I hope someone reads it when I'm done.


But isn't it strange how much of the Harry/Draco interaction read like a fic? Harry obsessing over Draco and stalking him, convinced he's doing something wrong; Harry discovering Draco crying because he's being pressured bythe Dark Lord; Draco flirting with snarking at Harry ("Yeah, I'm really going to tell you, because it's your business, Potter," sneered Malfoy. "You'd better hurry up, they'll be waiting for 'the Chosen Captain' - 'the Boy Who Scored' - whatever they call you these days."; Draco ultimately not being able to go through with it; Harry feeling sorry for him (if only a bit), and so on. As some people have said, the only thing missing was the grand final scene where they get together!

I know! If it were a fanfic, I'd say it was like those old The Sentinel smarm stories, where Jim would angst over his feelings for Blair but also ogle girls as a Statement of Heterosexuality. See, Harry's all over Ginny even though he's obsessing over Draco and Tom Riddle. So he's straight.

Or just really, really, really confused.

While Harry may be all over Ginny, he is completely ignoring every other available female in existence, despite all the ones apparently fawning over him. Now, he could just be incredibly monogamous or something, but I have a hard time thinking that a 16-year-old boy wouldn't at least *think* about taking up one of those girls on their offers. He was always brushing them off and completely unaffected by them. He may not be gay, but I bet he's bi.

ITA on Snape. He did just like Harry did when Dumbledore ordered him to make him drink the water. He pleaded with him to do what he had to do. I kept wondering if he'd have left a note for Harry telling him such, but I guess that's for book VII.

And Malfoy lowered his wand, because he is so not a killer.

My first impression: this book rocked.


And I think Harry will hate Snape all the more for it when that seed of doubt gets planted, because Harry already very much dislikes himself for having made Dumbledore drink the potion needlessly.

It did. Oh, goodness, it did.

He didn't leave a note, but the portrait knows. A

Draco isn't a killer. He's a pampered spoiled little boy who doesn't want to kill, and who doesn't have to do it.

Harry's a killer. He needs to be one.

Not particularly spoilerish at all--I figured Snape is sorta kinda one of the good guys all along.

Well, yeah, he is.

The moment he knew he'd be alone, he broke out the Firewhiskey, because Big Slytherin Don't Cry. They just drink themselves to oblivion.

how did dumbledore ask snape to do that!? i must have missed something!

i have never been this engrossed in a book before in my life. i was GASPING and laughing and crying. one time i even shouted "NO!" and another "YES!" and dan thought i was crazy!

he doesn't get it.

"Please, Severus..."

That wasn't "Please, don't kill me." That was, "Please. Save Draco and yourself."

And someone else has pointed out that Snape and Dumbledore stared at each other first. (I need to reread but it's Jonathan's turn.) They're both Leglimenos. There was a whole convesation there.

And I believe Dumbledore discussed this whole scenario with Snape. Besides, he was already dying. I think he was hoping he'd die before this had to happen, which would have taken both Draco and Snape off the hook, but, *shrug.*

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I am in absolute agreement re: Snape. And I won't hear otherwise. Any other view of the Snape situation would be too simplistic and one-dimensional for Rowling. She's proven time and again, no matter how much we want to despise Snape, that he is multi-dimensional and we ought not judge him based on first impressions. He's too complex a character to be that flat. Furthermore, NO WAY would she have revealed Snapes allegiance (for lack of a better word) to Voldemort in the first chapter if that's what she'd intended to be the real truth.

I find it difficult, nay, impossible, to believe that Dumbeldore's absolute faith in Snape is that misguided. Dumbledore in other cases admits his own fallability. But in his beliefs about Snape, he remains rock solid, never accepting that he could be misjudging Snapes true character.

P.S. I'd love to see your sorting hat application, but I can't find it. Do you have a link?

The application is here.

I'm amused at the deep split.

What I want to do is set up a spreadsheet and see which house voted which way the most.

Dumbledore is fallible, we know that. We love that, those of us who don't demand perfection in our heroes and think that lack of perfection=really evil.

But he's probably a better Leglimenos than Voldemort because, unlike Voldemort, he has empathy, too.

I agree with you 100% about Snape. I wrote pretty much the same thing on my journal. I also wrote that now, the real drama of the story isn't whether or not Harry will defeat Voldemort, but how it will be when Harry confronts Snape.

You don't like Tonks and Lupin? I love it! I thought it was so well done, a happy moment amidst the saddest part of the book.

I didn't like that it came out of left field like that - granted that there's no other way it would have happened, given that Lupin was barely present in the book, and never alongside Tonks.

It's just not how I view Lupin.

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Glad to see your comments on it!