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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts - random and spoilerish.

I got the book this morning at 8:48AM. I ran downstairs in a nightshirt, an inside-out skirt and a snood, which was better than my husband's baseball cap. I carefully opened the package so as to avoid tearing any letters, and I read until I finished at 2:35PM.

So. First and foremost.

Severus Snape is NOT a traitor or a murderer. He did exactly as Dumbledore wanted him to do. And I refuse to hear or believe anything else. The other choices were unacceptable - either Draco becomes a murderer or Snape dies, due to that oath he took. Which Dumbledore was fully aware of. I don't think Dumbledore expected to survive that night.

This also makes Snape more valuable to the Order as he goes deeper undercover.

The book was much better than OotP. It was tighter, it was impossible to put down and there were no boring parts. And it had me laughing and had me crying. Oh, goodness. Madam Bones! That hit me hard and fast, you know?

And I'm going to say right now that I am so jealous of the shippers. Because at least some of you got your ships. And while my own OTP isn't quite ruined, it's been made much more difficult - Harry is still fascinated by Malfoy, enough that he forgets even Ginny. So.

And I can even rationalize Remus/Tonks by saying it doesn't preclude Sirius at all. Even if I really don't like it.

But I'll never see my OTPs. And, well. Life isn't fair, is it? :)

And my whole house-elf theory? Shot to pieces. Also, my current fic? More thoroughly jossed than I could have ever imagined, but I'm still writing it. I hope someone reads it when I'm done.


i dont know. i still can't quite wrap my mind around it that snape is a good guy. he took an unbreakable oath with narcissa. he is right there in the inner circle and totally explained why and how he laid low at hogwarts.

And, should Snape be on the same side as Dumbledore in truth as well as speculation, how else would he have explained it? I view Snape's explanations to any Death Eater or any other part of that crowd as unreliable narration of the finest kind.

I think Snape feels a kind of familial(sp?) loyalty to the Malfoys. I don't think he would have taken an Unbreakable Vow for just any random Death Eater kid.

Snape knew about Draco's assignment possibly before Draco himself did, and I'm sure he was expecting Narcissa to come to him for help. I don't think any part of that conversation was any less carefully calculated than his sweeping entrance to class at the beginning of any given term and the speech on brewing fame, mixing glory, and putting stoppers in death. And if everything was carefully scripted (surely he would know Narcissa enough by now to predict her responses in a case like this), he may well have had the opportunity to discuss matters with Dumbledore first.

I think he took the Unbreakable Vow to keep Bellatrix from tattling to the Dark Lord, and probably told Dumbledore about it ASAP.

As my husband pointed out, Snape could have SO hit Harry with Avada Kedavra, or even Petrificus Totalus, so Voldemort could've done the Avada Kedavra himself. Instead, he spent valuable time saying a sneering version of "You're going to need to work on your non-verbal curses, so that the Death Eaters can't block them as easily." He's still Harry's DADA teacher.

Yes. And Harry's probably going to do that work, and not really realize until much later exactly who it was who told him this...