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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts on current story

I'm still writing my now-severely AU story. And I came to a moment where McGonagall had to refer to Dumbledore.

And I had to stop to cry. And he's not even going to die at the end of this story (I don't think.)

I can't abandon this story. It's too long.

No one's going to read it. Heck, I wouldn't read it. What am I going to do?


I sympathize...in fact, I empathize, because the two in-progress stories I've been working on are thoroughly jossed by HBP, and no, I don't know what I'm going to do, either.


I still plan on reading your story so please finish it.


You do know it's all your fault?

That it's the Harry/Draco marriage fic?

And i just wrote this paragraph.

(They're doing the Obligatory Shopping Scene, although Draco doesn't really have any more idea about clothes shopping than Harry does.)

"It wasn't so bad. A nice, motherly saleswitch took them in hand while they were fumbling about the underpants. Harry soon had a pile of shrunken packages in his pocket, timed to expand a few hours later."

I should rewrite this, I know.

That's a *great* line.

Well, if it's my fault, at least you know *I'll* read it.

I am sorry for the people who did like Dumbledore, just as I was sorry for the people who did like Sirius.

i was more shocked when dumbledore died. but in chamber of secrets i actually cried. like sirius-ly (ha!) cried.

i miss sirius :(

Why did you cry in Chamber of Secrets?

I don't often cry when I read. I cry when I write.

i cried b/c sirius died. :(


I think you mean Order of the Phoenix. Chamber of Secret was the second book. Only thing that died was the diary.

And an extremely good thing, too.

that's right....i dont know what i was thinking.....

geez, my brain is all fried!

And the basilisk.

I'll read it. In a second.

And I see I have company in that.

AUs aren't just for breakfast any more.