Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

New responsibilities

I used to have two bosses, a divorced couple. They were partners in the business, but she handled the day-to-day stuff - the bookkeeping and the stationery orders. I did the general office supplies, but she did the personalized stuff, like the business cards and the letterhead. And the pens.

She's gone. She sold her half of the business to one of the agents, so now I work for two men. The bookkeeping is going to be done by the management company, which is good because my bookkeeping experience is zero. (I should learn, though.)

And this has been for all of 20 days, so we're still getting settled.

But I just put in an order for letterhead, and we use a large company for this, with a division for the franchise of real estate agencies for which I work, which is why we use them.

And you'd think that they'd keep a record of what their customers order, so that when it's time for a new order, the customers can say, "This is my phone number/account number. Please give me so much more of same. Here is my credit card info." *Staples* does that, for goodness sake.

Nope. I called and checked. Each order of stationery is as the first. It's not a big deal - it's entering the company name, address and contact info into a webform - but wouldn't it be friendlier the other way?

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