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HBP and ships

Okay, fine, it's a post about Ship Wars. How silly is that from a slash fan?

First, I have to say that I was one of the people who not only never saw Harry/Hermione, but who did see Hermione/Ron telegraphed loud and clear. JK Rowling is clearly of the "bickering = love" school of romance (agree or disagree with the strength of those romances, such a school exists. As my first thoughts upon meeting my own husband were, "I could have a fight with this man and we'd come out the other side," and we've proven that time and time again - as recently as last night - I don't see bickering as necessarily a negative.).

But subtext is subtext, and if people saw enough to make Harry/Hermione viable, they're not stupid, or necessarily engaging in wishful thinking. That is, they don't need to hate Ron or think that Harry would be a better match for Hermione. All they need is to see that these two have a lovely, strong friendship with a great deal of respect for each other, which is *there* and *true*, and if they don't see bickering as romance, or otherwise don't see a Hermione/Ron thing, or think it was too heavily foreshadowed to actually happen (something Rowling has done - Snape=active Death Eater, anyone?) - well, it's just the sort of friendship that could grow into a romance with very little effort.

I'm avoiding the Harry/Ginny thing because I was really happy Ginny had gotten over her crush - I probably would have liked it better if she had, and then fell for Harry all over again in a more mature way, but I don't know. I'm a slasher. I want Harry unattached.

Just because they saw something others did not, or didn't see something others did doesn't mean they're wrong or stupid or whatever.

And why am I saying all this? Because of Remus/Tonks. For some people on my flist, Remus/Tonks came as a pleasant surprise - a bit of happiness in the middle of the funeral. For others, it was more unpleasant for what it did to Tonks - few of us saw her as the moping type. And to mope so far as to not be able to use her inborn talents - ouch. I'm a big Tonks fan, and I truly disliked that whole thing. And, of course, I'm a Remus/Sirius slasher, and seeing one of my favorite pairings made more difficult almost gratuitously was harder than seeing Harry date Ginny. And there were those who saw Tonks as queer and liked her that way, and to see her not only as straight, but crying over Remus was not pleasant for them. (I personally had no opinion one way or the other. I just thought OoTP Tonks was way cool. HBP - not so much.)

But, some of you are saying, "Big deal. Sirius is dead and it's been a year. Why shouldn't he move on, and why shouldn't he move on to Tonks? Why can't he be bisexual?" And if that were the only problem, I'd nod. I'd deal with the out of left-fieldness and the characterization of Tonks, and be happy that Remus found someone else.

But there are others on my friendslist who saw the pairing before HBP came out. They clearly saw something between the two of them that I can't. That I missed entirely. Just like the Harry/Hermione shippers saw something between those two that I missed, and didn't see what was going on between Hermione and Ron. And I don't like it because, while a current R/T doesn't do anything to R/S, hints in OotP destroys it. Because it would mean that while Remus was living with Sirius he was also giving signals to Tonks.

And, yes, I can see non-romantic explanations for all the Remus/Sirius stuff in OotP, but I found the romantic ones easier to make. And judging from all the R/S stories, I'm not the only one. This doesn't mean we can't be wrong. I don't mind being wrong - okay, I do, but it's happened before. I mind feeling stupid and betrayed. And I'm guessing the H/Hr people are feeling that way, too.
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