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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

weather.com says it's 91F outside, but it feels like 100F. Because it's a sauna.

We have ac in the office, of course, but I'd realized an hour or so ago that I was feeling, well. Warm. So I asked, and other people in the office felt the same way.

I check the thermostat. Yes, set on cool - set on 60F. Temperature? 84F. Ack.

We turned it off, and I ran to the convenience store next door and bought some water. I bought four bottles because of the ethnic/genetic imperative. We turned it back on. It's now in the seventies and so much better.

Funny how that can change an attitude. Things were going on in my last post and I was...bothered by them. I'm cooler now, and I realized what was going on was good discussion. More than that - it's reached the point where people are talking among themselves in the comments, and I can just sit back and watch. I love when that happens - I have the best friendslist.


I hear you. High of 91 (F) here, and no a/c to be found. Am drinking water and iced herbal tea and crystal light lemonade by the bucketload.

I'm going to my in-laws' new place tonight for dinner (they just retired, and moved from the suburbs of NYC to a western Massachusetts town an hour and a quarter from here) and I think they might have central air. That may be my perk for being a dutiful daughter-in-law and visiting while my husband is in Amman -- if I get a few hours of coolness this evening, I will be so, so happy. :-)

Glad you fouind the problem and appear to have fixed it. This is no weather to be without A/C. (And I LIKE hot weather. But it's not healthy for man nor beast.) But the kids and I are going a little stircrazy, as we've not set foot outside in two days (except for me taking out the garbage).

Storms and cooler weather on the way, huzzah!

ethnic/genetic imperative.


Jewish mother. Must take care of all around me.

ah. I'm an idiot. I should have been able to figure that out.

Please stay cool.

We hit records yesterday and today with triple digets. Ugh. Even with all the fans running along with the A/C it's still too hot.

Well, the very good news is that relief should be on the way. Here in Michigan, we have been around or above ninety, daily, for almost two months straight (no, not an exaggeration). Finally, today, it was beautiful and in the low seventies (still a little humid, but they promise that will be fixed by tomorrow). I believe this should be crawling your way, shorter.