Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb
mamadeb says it's 91F outside, but it feels like 100F. Because it's a sauna.

We have ac in the office, of course, but I'd realized an hour or so ago that I was feeling, well. Warm. So I asked, and other people in the office felt the same way.

I check the thermostat. Yes, set on cool - set on 60F. Temperature? 84F. Ack.

We turned it off, and I ran to the convenience store next door and bought some water. I bought four bottles because of the ethnic/genetic imperative. We turned it back on. It's now in the seventies and so much better.

Funny how that can change an attitude. Things were going on in my last post and I was...bothered by them. I'm cooler now, and I realized what was going on was good discussion. More than that - it's reached the point where people are talking among themselves in the comments, and I can just sit back and watch. I love when that happens - I have the best friendslist.

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