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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Cleaning lady is here.

I had the house about 3/4 picked up. To my standards. Not hers.

She's cleaning corners. I'm paying her $$$.

I'm kinda between embarrassed and thrilled.

And she's not going to clean our storage or book rooms. I can't have her do that.

And I need my Spanish to come back. But I'm tired and, well. It's not coming.

ETA: she just told me she won't finish in three hours. What she did with my living room is enough. I told her that. I said only worry about the floors. She said, "I limpio bueno." I feel...how does one acquire a cleaning gene?


we pay a person to do it too. it did take a bit to get over the embarrassed part, but it's been worth it.

alas, the Spanish really hasn't returned. but we get by.

I know. It will be. I can already tell.

And she didn't throw up her hands and leave, and that's all good.

And then she'll keep coming back. Because that housework stuff keeps coming back.

My Spanish is starting to come in. Not much, but enough to get me in trouble but not out, and I now have more Spanish than I have Chinese. Not that I have much of that, but ...

I feel so happy that another language is starting to take root in my brain.