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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

She spent three hours on two rooms. This a statement of her thoroughness and my lack of housekeeping skills.

She's coming back next week. I've asked.

She's willing.

I need this, clearly.


my lack of housekeeping skills.

I hear that. But I imagine those two rooms look marvelous! :) I'm a rotten housekeeper too, so I definitely sympathize. Some one of these days, Adam is going to get me a visit from a cleaning service as my only birthday present. I'm quite looking forward to it.

What I can't believe is how much I've bought into the whole thing of how a woman's worth is in how she keeps her house.

And how happy my two front rooms make me right now.

Oh yeah, </i>tell</i> me about it. If my house isn't neat, I'm a bad person and unworthy of hanging out with real people.

Just because a clean apartment makes you happy doesn't mean that your sense of a woman's inherent value depends on her cleaning ability. Just enjoy the cleanliness. (My lady didn't show today. I've got to do it myself. Blah.)

Well, I've never seen your house, but I can't imagine you being *dirty*, just cluttered, so that's a huge step up from most cleaning assignments. I'm not surprised at all that she's happy to come back.

I'm not clean. I'm too cluttered to be clean.

I also paid her a lot. Because she deserved it.

There is a distinct difference between dust and accumulation that comes with clutter and dirt -- I have cleaned up after too many boys who toss candy wrappers and trash on the floor and don't care about it. You do not strike me as having that happening, just things and stacks of papers and things without homes.

tee hee. Of course she's willing. I promise you she's seen worse. :)

The first few cleanings are always the hardest, but it will be great in the long run.

I know. I can see it. Even now, I'm just happy.

Bags and bags and bags of trash. You'd think it was Pesach.

Oh, my goodness.

How easy is this going to make Pesach?

Seriously. Maybe I should stop sending out the laundry and get a cleaner instead. I can do laundry, it's just BORING. I hate vacuuming so much that I only do it for Pesach or company.

I am un-thrilled with vacuuming myself. I think I should like a robotic vacuum cleaner.

When I can afford it, you bet your asterisk I'm going to hire a cleaner. I like having a clean house but I hate cleaning. :/

How I wish I had a house-elf, or at least could do nifty cleaning spells with my wand...

If you had a choice between a house elf and an android, which would you take?

Does the android have free will?
If so, does the android choose to be where it is?
If not, should the android have free will?

Is the house elf happy?
Will I make a good master for a house elf?

That's the crux of the problem. I don't think an android can have free will. It's a machine. But a house elf does have a mind of its own, so unless it were Dobby or some other volunteer servant, I think the android is the more ethical choice. (Admittedly, house elves are probably more fun.)

I think I'd prefer an android for the very reason of "fun" -- unless a house-elf and I were supremely socially compatible, I wouldn't be able to stand living with one. It would annoy me after the novelty of having a house-elf wore off, and I would be apprehensive lest I treat it poorly out of mere annoyance.

I need to give this place a good cleaning tomorrow, now that my vacuum is fixed. There are times I'm grateful to only be living in a one-bedroom apartment.

I'm glad things are working out with your cleaning lady.

Oh, wild fantasies of having someone else cleaning my clutter are raging through my head. A little bit of jealousy is lurking there, too.
I'm glad it is going to work out for you. I hope this keeps the landlady happy and off your back, too.