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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thinking the best


We can't find my husband's iRiver. We couldn't find his digital camera, either. Our other piece of small electronics is my pda and I had that with me at all times (not paranoia. I'm writing a story on it.)

He called the agency (his things and, well. Male voice. They still carry more authority, which is unfortunate.) Upon my advice, he simply said that the items were misplaced and if she perhaps knew where she put them - no overt accusatons of theft.

And less than a minute after hanging up, he found the camera, and immediately called the agency back. Since he'd only said things were misplaced, it wasn't embarrassing to do so.

Our current theory is that he left the iRiver at work. He's done so in the past.

I didn't want to think of it any other way. Pure selfishness - I want her back and I don't want her insulted.


It seems to me perfectly reasonable, if someone's been going through your apartment, cleaning, shifting things to get under or behind them, to inquire politely as to whether she happened to have seen some misplaced item, or perhaps even to have moved it from where it had last been put, and forgotten to move it back. No accusation need be read into such an inquiry, though I understand that someone in that position is likely to be particularly sensitive to accusations, and to see them even where they genuinely don't exist.

And that's the way we phrased it to the agency. Because - and you know how we keep our house - many things did get moved around. I pretty much assume it's still here - we just don't know where.

I think you're taking the right approach. As, zsero said, it wouldn't be out of line for you to see if she could help you find it.
Also, I would doubt that, for the small gain of a used iRiver, she would lose a steady paying cleaning gig. One is a fun trivial thing, the other pays the bills. Hopefully, it will turn up shortly so you can have your iRiver and your clean house, too.

Yes -- cleaning always comes with things getting put in odd places, especially if one isn't the one putting them away.